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A new Venture

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Hello all, Seems to be Bi-Annual trend for me to write to you all but hey guess what I have some new news....???? I have been gifted a bass and amp from my family, as well as joined SLG from Dark Pirate and the Mystic Warrior in a bigger project.  We two of our other good friends we have started to practice some songs that they have written.  I will have more info later (and before the six month mark), but for now it looks as if I will be primarily playing bass for Instruments' of Chaos.


Let the music play

All the best in 2014 and good-bye?

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All the best in 2014, and good-bye?


Well as 2013 comes to a close, and we near 2014 and the wonders it will bring I am feeling that a decision has to be made, and I am not looking forward to it. When I was 15 I wrote my first song and something amazing happened. I saw the world differently. Musically and lyrically most of what I wrote the first couple years weren’t great, but they were my songs. A lot written about my life and experiences (or what I imagined they would be like). Being trained only on a Technics E-33 and trumpet with no real recording equipment I started a journey writing for myself, with a small hope I could get out and play, maybe hear my music on the radio. As the years past my writing became better, I wrote less about direct experiences and I began to find a blend of sound from my major influences that has become my sound. I learned guitar and updated my recording gear and got to the point that I was producing my own music and releasing it on-line. I have never played my music live though, or for that matter any music live (although hosting karaoke did give me great practice in singing) and I think that is the only regret I have when it comes to my music. But as I look forward I do not see where I can devote the needed time to my music that I need, even to just write and record for myself let alone produce something to upload. Even the last couple of years since I recorded 110709 in 2012 I have not been able to afford the time to it.

So it is with that in the front of my mind that I must decide what to do. Do I try to fit in a couple minutes here or there, or do I just walk away and take solace in the fact, that I did achieve my dream from 25 years ago and got my music out there? This is by no means an easy choice for me as music has always been my main avenue to express myself or work through both good and bad times. By trying to continue I will still have that avenue to explore what’s in my mind, release my creative nature. But I will constantly fight with having projects sit barely started because I cannot commit to them. Yet if I lay the dream to sleep for good I have to wonder how I will change. For now though I think the only course of action is to take a step back to let everything sink in. Over the next little bit I will be thinning out my on-line presence, keeping for now my website, Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation. These are the only places I have been able to spottily maintain from the start and I think I can still keep up on those ones since they are all interconnected. I will however leave my youtube channel as it is and not remove it as the tutorials have been helpful to some and I think it would be a shame to deny anyone the chance to learn a song they wish to learn.


I now close, with Gowan’s song ‘You’ll Be With Me’ rolling through my mind and thank-you for taking the time to bring me into your life…..


Let the music always play



What's Comming Up

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Hello again,

 I hope this finds you well, as for me I am looking forward to sunny days and the new challenges I have set up for myself (although I am not sure when these sunny days are going to happen the forcast really doesn't look good here in Edmonton). Any who, when I first started writing those few years back ( okay more than a few) I always tried to challenge either my playing or my writing in some way different every few songs. Whether it was changing the lyric pattern, or to a different key I wasn't familiar with, I tried as often as possible. All of these things however were controlled by me, my choice in how to do it.  Last year I met with my biggest challenge to date when I scored the music for one of the 24/one film festival entries. My freind Tyson had great faith in me but going in totally blind was daunting. At the end however I had learned to write that lonely soulful music heard behind those clasic black and white film noir movies. Now the bigger challenges await in the next month and a half. First my friend MNA has asked me to write the music that will play behind his rap, and in case you haven't listened my the songs, when it comes to rap, hip-hop, dance, club etc. well I don't play it. I can fake country music, but I ussually don't listen to any of the others.  Going only on his discription, and a few songs he has suggested I am going to write music for my first rap song, his rap  but my music. The second big challenge is along the veins of the 24/one, only a little bigger. Project twenty1 is a twenty one day callenge much like 24/one. Again Tyson and Mike have asked for my musical prowse, and I gladly said yes. Problem is that the day it starts I am litterally AFK (both musical and computer) I will arrive back with six days to write, record and master the music for the film they will have been working in fo 14 days. Knowing that they will be nearing completion, if not done when I start has me a little worried about my lack of time, but on the other hand if I made it through 24/0ne, I can do this.  And lastly in Sept. I am again looking forward to sleep deprivation, Skype (maybe I should try to log in again I think I forgot my account name and password), endless pots of coffee and writing music for Mike and Tyson's 24/one film again.

So it is going to be a busy time for me and that is before being my own web master.

Until next time enjoy the music and enjoy life