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Hot Sinatra - A book review

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What do some Italian and Japanese style mobsters, a Mexican drug family and an old man in a nursing home have in common? They are all part of the book I won an advance copy of, Axel Howerton’s ‘Hot Sinatra’. They also all want a rare record and they want P.I. Moss Cole to find it. Throw in a foul mouthed Irish punk- rocker and a drop dead red head and you have the ground work for a great story. Axel Howerton combined all these characters and a healthy dose of other memorable personas to keep the story light hearted and gripping at the same time.

From the time I started reading I could hear the mournful trumpet of those old black and white film noir detective movies playing in my head mixed with some classic Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and a half dozen other tidbits of music from that era. His straight forward story telling easily brought visuals to mind of each scene without the heavy page long descriptions so often used by other writers to create a picture. Axel is also straight to the point with his character development and by the end you feel like you have known some of these people for longer than just the read of the story. Axel Howerton’s writing can be likened to a steak and potatoe dinner cooked by a master chef. Plain and simple while at the same time being elegant and absolutely delicious.

My only regret is that I tore through the book faster than I anticipated and I am left wanting more. Not just of the main character Moss Cole, but all of them be it in a continued story or on their own with independent stories. Congratulations to Axel Howerton on this great book

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Project Twenty 1 nomination

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Excited and honoured right now. I just found out  from 'The Mike Tyson Connection' (The film team I work with) that our entry for the Project Twenty 1 contest was nominated for best music. It is a wonderful feeling I have right now knowing that the work I put in had something special to it. I enjoy writing for the team, and being involved with these great people is awsome, and without them I never would have these chances so thank-you Mike, Tyson, and the rest who I actually haven't met face to face for involving me. Here is the unedited version of the song I based fully on the script they had written: . They did a masterful job of editing the music for the film and yes I may have written it, but they worked it in to fit so really I think the honour is as much theirs. Below is a link to the full awards listing, and the actual nomination and winner.

Keep the music playing




21-Day Filmmaking Competition


The 21-Day filmmaking competition is a program where teams of creatives have only three weeks to create a short film or animation based on a common secret element. This year’s element was “Start With a Crash”.


Since all shorts completed on time screen as a part of the festival, these awards heavily focus on the technical elements of filmmaking and topics very specific to create a film in 21-Days.

Best Music:

■Team Fire & Grace: Goodbye, Love

■Team Badger Tsunami: My Brother’s Keeper

■Team Scumberland Production: Club 27

■Team Slap Stick: Do Unto Others…Then Run

■Team Mike Tyson Connection: Crashing Through


Winner: Team Badger Tsunami: My Brother’s Keeper

Movies, Raps and JUICE

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Hello every one,

  I hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer.  I am about to embark on a little vacation and thusly will not be able to work on any music projects.  Wich works works out well since as of last night I managed to tie up all the random items that have been sitting waiting to get done.  Upon my return however it will be like diving straight into the deep end.  Tyson and Mike will have a great start on their Project twenty1 entry and I will have less than a week to get them a fitting sound track. After that is finding time to get MNA into the studio to record his rap (and possibly the rap for one of my songs). past that I am not sure of time frame, but upcomming is the Edmonton International Film Festival's 24/one contest again with Tyson and Mike, and re-working a song I just finished for a rap.  I may also enlist the help (if she is willing) of an old friend who I just found out is a DJ. Not sure what she DJ's under but forever I will call her JUICE (inside joke). Oh and I guess upload so of the recent works. 

  Until next time

take care of you and yours


What's Comming Up

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Hello again,

 I hope this finds you well, as for me I am looking forward to sunny days and the new challenges I have set up for myself (although I am not sure when these sunny days are going to happen the forcast really doesn't look good here in Edmonton). Any who, when I first started writing those few years back ( okay more than a few) I always tried to challenge either my playing or my writing in some way different every few songs. Whether it was changing the lyric pattern, or to a different key I wasn't familiar with, I tried as often as possible. All of these things however were controlled by me, my choice in how to do it.  Last year I met with my biggest challenge to date when I scored the music for one of the 24/one film festival entries. My freind Tyson had great faith in me but going in totally blind was daunting. At the end however I had learned to write that lonely soulful music heard behind those clasic black and white film noir movies. Now the bigger challenges await in the next month and a half. First my friend MNA has asked me to write the music that will play behind his rap, and in case you haven't listened my the songs, when it comes to rap, hip-hop, dance, club etc. well I don't play it. I can fake country music, but I ussually don't listen to any of the others.  Going only on his discription, and a few songs he has suggested I am going to write music for my first rap song, his rap  but my music. The second big challenge is along the veins of the 24/one, only a little bigger. Project twenty1 is a twenty one day callenge much like 24/one. Again Tyson and Mike have asked for my musical prowse, and I gladly said yes. Problem is that the day it starts I am litterally AFK (both musical and computer) I will arrive back with six days to write, record and master the music for the film they will have been working in fo 14 days. Knowing that they will be nearing completion, if not done when I start has me a little worried about my lack of time, but on the other hand if I made it through 24/0ne, I can do this.  And lastly in Sept. I am again looking forward to sleep deprivation, Skype (maybe I should try to log in again I think I forgot my account name and password), endless pots of coffee and writing music for Mike and Tyson's 24/one film again.

So it is going to be a busy time for me and that is before being my own web master.

Until next time enjoy the music and enjoy life