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Happy New Years 2016

Posted on January 15, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Hello and welcome to the new year everybody. while there has been a slight change in focus for me from learning the bass, to taking said skills and applying them in a band setting, the drive to write is still there. It is this drive that has at times kept me calm. A coupke of months back on Facebook I came across an original comic page done by a Lawrence Gowan fan. It was of his 'Criminal Mind' character sitting in his jail cell asking himself if he going to stay being so bad? That started the creative juices flowing full speed in my mind. With my last song being a tribute of sorts to Alice Cooper, it struck me that I had the stepping stone to start work on a tribute of sorts to LG...

I am going to leave it hanging right there (what a jerk) with no more clues or hints, but I will say that since I beganworking on it in November I feel the closest I have to being ready to start the recording process. I have been as much as I can not only practicing, but playing with different arrangements with just the piano in order to get the song to feel right to me, and hopefully work the best it can for the idea. That being stated I have no clue for the first time I have written a song, how I want the other parts to play into it. Normally by the time I have the lyrics written and the chord changes done, either on guitar or piano, I have some idea what I want the bass, drums, lead and rythm parts to sound like. When I wrote 'An Alice Cooper Song' as I penned the lyrics I could hear the various parts and knew what I wanted them to sound like. This time all I have is the piano line (which would work fine for a solo preformance, but I feel for the recording it needs more...oomph) and maybe an idea for the drums.

Maybe I just need to focus only on it, and not the fact that within the next few months my home studio will be moving to a larger room where I will be able to host people (such as the band mates) and possibly film a few more videos.

With that I guess I have rambled long enough. I sincerly hope 2016 is a very good year for all of you and until the next time Let the Music Play!


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