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2015 and 25 years

Posted on January 4, 2015 at 9:10 PM

Happy 2015 everyone!!!!!!

   I hope that you have all had a good transiton from 2014 to

2015.  For myself the transiton was a welcome one.  With a new year comes new hope, prospects and a chance to make better on the previous year, and while around this same point last year I was contemplating a complete abandonment of music right now I see a chance to mark some special anniverseries.  

  The first and most notable one is that in 1990 I wrote my first two songs and began what has been a 25 year journey of writing, learning and sharing my music.  In the summer of '89 I turned 15 and with the help of my older brother got my first job. In December of that year I purchased my first key board, a casio CT-470 and proudly placed it on top of my Technics E-33 organ. In January 1990 I wrote the first lines of music for what would be the second full song I would write.  It was a slow piano ballad that at the time I thought was an incredible song, rivaled only by the fast bass driven rock song I had just finished that in my mind only needed a guitar (at this time the thought of me being a gutar player was nowehre in sight I was ready to embark on ,y path to become as big, if not bigger than Gowan). As I write this, I have the original lyrics for the piano ballad 'Eighteen Hours" beside me and while some of the lyrics are good, others seem a little disjointed, and well, imature.  Hey I was 15 and this was only my second set of lyrics (The other song "Darkest Hour" suffers the same lyrical issues). But musically I still go back to both just to feel the comfort of playing them again.  Within the next two months I purchased a microphone, a 4 slider audio mixer and some cables and began arranging the songs so I could record them.  I had everything (okay a multi track recorder would have been awesome but I had never even heard of one in my begining days).  I selected the rythm and chord patterns for the keyboard and sang while I played live and recorded.  Much of how I do things now is from years of recording this way.  If I make a mistake, I start from the top, not part way through. For me, although I know this adds a fair amount of time to the recoding session, since I don't pay studio time I like to get the whole groove right from the start. By the end of March I had fully recorded my first album titled 'Darkest Hour" after the first song I had fully written. 10 songs and I had a given myself the name Andrew B.

  While most of the what was on there I would now never proudly proclaim is mine and share it, (I was just learning to sing as well), I am proud of the first step I took and hope that I can find some time this year to revisit those old friends, maybe tweak them a bit and share updated versions as I had originally wrote them in my mind.


1990 also marks the 25th anniversery of what is probably my favorite album, but also the album that was the final spark to start the writting fire in me.  Gowan's 'Lost Brotherhood'.  While I am not going to go in to a lot of detail about the full influence this album really did have on me, I am going to try to pay tribute to it as I have with 'Strange Animal', and 'Great Dirty World' and record up a couple of tracks with a little Bonish Flair to them.


With that I bid you all adieu for now and whish you the very best in 2015.




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