The music of 'Bonish' Singer, Song Writer, Canadian and Bassist for 'Instruments of Kaos'

A Warrior's Spirit

An Album that is a collection of songs insiped directly by my family and loved ones


-The Fear inside

-No More Everything Again


-The Lake

-Friends of Mine

-The Strength Inside of Me

-We Became

-The Tie That Binds

                                                                                                                    -Get You Down

Mystilodic: A warrior's Spirit

This album was recorded from March-June 2009, and includes six redone versions of songs on my first album, six new tracks, and 'Crazy' one of my all time favorite songs I've written in it's original form.

-Get You Down

-No More, Everything Again

-At Thirty-five

-Castle In The Clouds (Dark Pirate and the MysticWarrior)

-Sometimes a Butterfly Sings

-The Grass is Greener



-The Blood of Aesop

-The Fear Inside

-Mother, Father

-The Strenghth Inside of Me

-The Tie That Binds

-13: The Theme form 'Slash 13'


 On July 11, 2009 my older brother Chris passed away. The thirteen songs (Five that have been on one or both previous CD's) were all written directly for or surrounding the major events of his, mine and our parents lives. All the songs have been newly arranged and recorded between January and July 2010 


-Mother Father PT. 1

-Get You Down

-Flight of My Life

-The Tie That Binds

-We Became

-The Fear Inside


-Mother Father PT.2

-Azure Sky

-Who's Gonna Catch Me?

-Breathless (Chris' Song)

-Face in the Crowd

-Back in Calgary