The music of 'Bonish' Singer, Song Writer, Canadian and Bassist for 'Instruments of Kaos'

About Bonish


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Mark is a modern prog. rocker with a folk/blues and classic rock sound.  He has been writing music since he was fifteen years old.  Trained how to play the organ, trumpet and barritone he has taught himself to play piano/keyboards, guitar, alto saxaphone, harmonica, and drums.

Bonish has also recieved the blessing of  Lawrence Gowan to continue his video tutorials of Gowan songs 

 Influenced early by Lawrence Gowan and Alice Cooper his selection of influences has grown to also include Styx (with whom Gowan now performs with), Bob dylan, Chris Deburg, and Kent Harlan.

Bonish is also the Bassist for Edmontons'

Instruments of Kaos 

Instruments of Kaos



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